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Octogone GmbH

„Advertising with function“ for intelligent and targeted advertising.

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… that we produce not only promotional items, but other useful products for the office.
Do you already know our easy to clean, antiviral & antibacterial keyboard protection film (certified)! It increases the life of your keyboards, ensures hygiene at the workplace and is easy to clean.

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About us

Supplier [Producer and importer]
for promotional items, computer accessories & keyboard protectors

The range of promotional items continues to be expanded to this day with innovative product ideas. In doing so, we are guided by the requirements of our customers, taking into account the guarantee of full quality. \”Advertising with function\” for intelligent and targeted advertising.

2019 to date Development of new sustainable products Made in Germany
2018 Installation of new production technology for dye sublimation
2018 Acquisition of new thermoforming equipment for our keyboard protection products.
2017 Development of our protected IP68 certified KEY-Protect keyboards.
2016to date Expansion of printing and storage capacities

2015 Headquarters in Auggen.
Relocation of production, warehouse and shipping to Auggen.
ISO 9001-2008 certification of Octogone
2008 Expansion of the promotional products range for specialist promotional products retailers with own and
Import products
2007 Establishment of a coordination office in China
2006 Opening of the branch in Auggen.
1996 Separation from the American partners, change of name to „OCTOGONE GMBH and expansion of the product range to include promotional items.
1992 Opening of the office in Mulhouse, France.
1990 Transformed into production plant for keyboard protection products and
Distribution of computer accessory products with American participation
• Change of name to "CompuCover Europe GmbH" and relocation of the company to Neuenburg am Rhein
• Robert Bruns joins the company.
1989 As a distribution company for EDP accessory products in the Rhineland under the name „PLANUS-Distribution“ by Brigitte Planus and

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D-79424 Auggen

Tel : +49 (0)7631-805 89 0
Fax : +49 (0)7631-805 89 99
Website : www.octogone.de
E-mail : info@octogone.de